About LockCreek

LockCreek, Inc. owns and operates multiple lines of business focused on covering every aspect of residential and commercial real estate transactions - loan origination and servicing, brokerage, investments in U.S. real estate and mortgage markets, and development. The company’s focus is to leverage its specialization in real estate to improve communication, eliminate redundancies and reduce expenses for clients, and to build prosperity and security for investors and partners. For more information, please visit the Divisions page.
LockCreek Lending
LockCreek Lending, a division of LockCreek, Inc., is a fully integrated mortgage originator licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate (formerly the California Department of Real Estate), Brokers License Number #01852067 and NMLS #1274895. Since its formation, LockCreek Lending has been engaged in residential and commercial real estate lending. Understanding that each borrower is unique, LockCreek Lending strives to provide a variety of loan programs across the nations top banks to meet the specific needs of our borrowers at the best possible terms. We are anchored by well-defined mortgage lending principles and driven by a company culture built on a strong sense of purpose, a responsible entrepreneurial spirit, and a significant commitment to the communities we serve.

Creating Value

At the foundation of LockCreek’s business approach is increasing communication and adding value to clients through coporate synergies. While working with LockCreek, a borrower and the borrower's real estate agent can expect daily communication to ensure real-time informaiton is being provided. Because LockCreek covers multiple sectors of the real estate industry, clients and investors are able to benefit from the synergies that are typically reserved for multi-billion dollar real estate investment firms while maintaing the focus and flexibility of a smaller firm. As services are combined, expenses are reduced and transferred directly to clients through concessions for clients. This is a great opportunity for us to offer our borrowers a way to save money upfront without sacrificing quality of service. To contact a LockCreek real estate agent, click here.

LockCreek recognizes that borrowers have the same basic requirements – pricing, service, speed, communication, integrity and performance. We consider each loan application unique and we structure our loans to meet the requirements of the specific situation. The LockCreek platform creates efficiency in execution resulting in consistent performance.